The NEC Classic Live Online Auction 2020 13th and 14th November 2020

126 The NEC Classic Live Online Auction – Saturday 14th November – Cars The NEC Classic Live Online Auction • Six new R5 Turbos (alloy roof and doors) cars were taken from stock and used by Renault as the bases for their assault on the ‘Production’ Class of the 1985 French Supertourisme Championship • Renault were determined to win outright in 1987 so, late in 1986, three of the six cars were chosen and heavily re-prepared for the 1987 season to be driven by were Frenchmen Jean-Louis Bousquet, Jean Ragnotti and Érik Comas • The bodyshells were sent to ‘Matter’ and Sonica lowered the cars even further, increasing the track front and rear and fettling the suspension so that the cars were close to the regulation limit • Renault F3 engine specialists, Sodemo Moteurs, produced a stroked 1419cc version of the R5T engine • With a new wild camshaft and a new Garret T4/T3 turbocharger with tri-lobe shaft and titanium internals, this particular engine produced 410bhp at 7000rpm using 3.2 bar of boost • Renault achieved their aim and Érik Comas won the title in 1987. Renault has confirmed that this car, ‘Ch 3-86’, was the actual car used on the championship-clinching drive by Comas on 25/10/1987 at Pau-Arnos! • These three cars were the most extreme versions of the Renault 5 Turbo ever produced by the factory and the other two are carefully locked in the Renault museum at Paris Flins! LOT 431 Registration: N/A Chassis Number: #3/86 Estimate: £300,000 - £350,000 1987 Renault 5 Turbo ‘Superproduction’ More Details Lot 431 Bid On Lot 431 A very special collectors car from the golden era of French Touring Cars.