The Classic Sale At Silverstone Festival 25th - 27th August 2023

The Classic Sale at Silverstone Festival 2023 Cars 56 The Nissan 240RS was a compact yet powerful machine which left its rightful mark on motorsport history and competed in what was undeniably the golden era of rallying, the utterly bonkers ‘Group B’. The car was developed by Nissan’s new motorsport division, Nismo, and powered by their revvy FJ24 2.4-litre inline-four engine producing 240bhp and offering remarkable performance. Combined with its Silvia-based chassis, the 240RS was agile and controllable on all sorts of terrain. Piloted by legendary drivers such as Masahiro Hasemi, the 240RS showcased Nissan’s engineering prowess and bolstered their rallying reputation. Although short-lived due to the demise of ‘Group B’, its impact resonates to this day, earning the 240RS a well-deserved spot in the hearts of rally enthusiasts. It was produced in small numbers, as so many homologation specials were, with approximately 200 cars built between July 1982 and December 1982, 150 left-hand drive and 50 right-hand drive cars. It’s believed that around 30 of these cars in total were then utilised in WRC and domestic rally championships around the world. This right-hand drive car presents in wonderful condition and proudly wears the original rally livery of red, white, and blue. Since our vendor’s purchase in 2021, it’s been cherished and used sparingly for a few displays and show runs, never having seen competitive racing action in their ownership. However, despite its pristine appearance, the car is fully operational, running and driving as well as it looks. Chassis #103 on offer here has a fascinating and well-travelled history. It was brought to South Africa by Nissan Motorsport SA as a ‘road’ car and was originally purchased by the renowned South African-born Nissan/Datsun Factory driver, Koos Roos. During its early days, the car participated in several autocross events on tarmac, then a few gravel events, before eventually being converted into full ‘Group B’ rally-spec. Whilst in South Africa, the car changed hands a couple of more times before being acquired by Mark Donaldson, who decided to venture beyond borders, shipping the car all the way to Greece before making its way to the UK in 2010, where it caught the attention of our vendor in 2021. The car’s history file tells the story of its remarkable past. Among the valuable documentation in the history file is a summary of its previous owners, DVLA correspondence, a Letter of Authenticity issued by the Nissan Motor Company in 2010 confirming its status as one of the 200 units built, and its FIA/HTP papers, which expired in 2019 but are now in the process of being renewed. With such a storied past, a well-documented history, fabulous condition and rarity factor, chassis #103 represents a unique and sought after piece of Japanese rally history, ready to continue its legacy in the hands of its next owner. With most of the 240RS models finding their way into the hands of collectors and enthusiasts, this is a great opportunity to add a seldom-seen surviving participant from the bygone ‘Group B’ era, a time when rallying reached unparalleled levels of excitement. This 240RS should rightfully capture the attention and admiration of discerning collectors and rally enthusiasts alike. Number #103 of 200 homologation specials built, this well-presented, running and driving ex-’Group B’ rally car is a glimpse back to the golden era of rallying. Lot 331 1983 Nissan 240RS ‘Group B’ Registration: WRD 99Y Chassis No.: BS110000103 Estimate: £80,000 - £100,000 Specialist: Harry Fox-Edwards Telephone No: 07398 872032 More Details Lot 331 Bid On Lot 331