The Classic Sale At Silverstone Festival 25th - 27th August 2023

+ buyers premium of 12.5% plus VAT (15% incl VAT) on the first £300,000 of the hammer and 10% plus VAT (12% incl VAT) thereafter 21 Registration: N/A Chassis No.: FJ-001 Estimate: £35,000 - £45,000 Specialist: James Clover Telephone No: 07824 763602 Lot 313 1960 Hillwood Formula Junior Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the Hillwood-Fiat Formula Junior, a true gem from the golden era of motorsport. This extraordinary vehicle was the brainchild of Norman Hillwood, a skilled jeweller from Edgware, London, who ventured into the world of racing and engineering in the 1950s. In 1959, he unveiled the innovative Hillwood-Fiat front-engined FJ, a masterpiece powered by a 1,089cc Fiat engine. The car’s intricate chassis was designed by Brian Urlwin, and its exquisite aluminium coachwork was crafted by Maurice ‘Mo’ Gomm. The Hillwood-Fiat made its mark on the racing scene, driven by the talented Norman Hillwood and the esteemed John Anstice-Brown, showcasing its prowess in several events throughout 1960 and 1961. From the Brands Hatch Easter Trophy to the Silverstone Peterborough MC, this remarkable car left its tyre tracks etched in motorsport history. By 1962, the game had changed slightly, with most FJ cars transitioning to a rear-engine configuration meaning that front-engined cars were becoming less than competitive. Not the case in America, however, and when offered for sale, the Hillwood found a new home in the United States when an American Navy serviceman acquired it and took it on a voyage across the Pacific. However, the plot thickened when faced with a substantial tariff to get the car out of the country. Determined to avoid this burden, the owner decided to dismantle the car and cleverly declared it as car parts. A twist of fate followed, as the plane carrying the engine, chassis, and running gear vanished somewhere in the Pacific, never to be found. The body shell and other precious aluminium components did safely make it to the US, starting the next chapter in the Hillwood-Fiat’s adventure. Fortunately, this tale takes a turn for the better. After changing hands several times, the car eventually made its way back to the UK in 2009, where it was lovingly restored to its former glory by a dedicated FJ owner, builder, and driver. Norman Hillwood and Brian Urlwin lent their expertise to ensure the car was returned to its original condition when raced by Hillwood and Anstice-Brown. Today, the Hillwood-Fiat is in the possession of a passionate owner who has taken great care to maintain its performance and authenticity. Recent developments include rebuilt brakes, gearbox, and back axle, along with uprated half-shafts and a new electric plumbed-in fire extinguisher system. The engine, rebuilt by Setford Engineering, boasts a current FIA Historical Technical Passport (HTP) to the end of 2028. The Hillwood-Fiat’s illustrious racing legacy continues, with recent race results showcasing its remarkable performance. The car won the Formula Junior Class A front-engined championship in 2018 and set the modern era class lap record at Mallory Park in 2021, achieving a remarkable time of 56.71 seconds. This year the Hillwood, took third place overall in the 2023 Goodwood Members Meeting Threlfall Cup, was the first Fiat-powered car to cross the finishing line and recorded the fastest lap of the eight Fiat-engined cars in a time of 1:33.14. Marking the return to single seater racing post - WWII, Formula Junior produced some healthy grids in the 1950s and early 1960s and, pleasingly, FJ is becoming increasingly popular again, with brightly-coloured grids at most circuits around the UK and on the continent. With its FIA papers and remarkable history, Norman Hillwood’s little racer appears very competitive and would be welcome at some of motorsports most prestigious events. A remarkable little Formula Junior that’s led an interesting life. More Details Lot 313 Bid On Lot 313