The Classic Sale At Silverstone Festival 25th - 27th August 2023

The Classic Sale at Silverstone Festival 2023 Cars 110 Registration: FMW 627J Chassis No.: 15975006 Estimate: £20,000 - £25,000 Specialist: Rob Hubbard Telephone No: 07775 511825 Lot 613 1970 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix Carlo “Francis” Lombardi had achieved eight kills in Italy’s struggle against the Austro-Hungarian Empire, including a reconnaissance flight some 100km deep into enemy territory. After the war’s culmination, he found he hadn’t tired of adventure and so undertook a series of long distance flights, including Vercelli (near Turin in northern Italy) to Tokyo, in an 85hp aircraft. Although aircraft design was his first love, there was no market for his services in post-war Italy so he turned his attention to designing affordable, small motor cars with plenty of Italian style for which there was a market (and still is). Setting up his own company in Vercelli, ‘Carrozzeria Francis Lombardi’ based most of their designs on existing Fiat chassis, most often the 850. The 1968 production release of the Grand Prix model was the coachbuilder’s most well-known contribution to on-land motoring, although with production lasting just four years, only a small quantity of these stunning little machines were ever manufactured. Achieving a claimed 99mph from an 843cc engine, the top speed statistic of the Lombardi Grand Prix, clearly owed much to Carlo Lombardi’s knowledge of aerodynamics. Introduced in 1968, the Grand Prix was built around a Fiat 850 floor pan. Utilising the 843cc inline-four, rear-mounted engine—which had previously achieved a top output rating of 37hp—the Grand Prix retained the 850’s four- speed, rear-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration. The styling however, couldn’t have been more different. The in-house design was done by Giuseppe Rinaldi, and featured a steel unibody with a Kamm tail and a long, low bonnet that culminated in a sharp nose panel, with electrically powered retractable bucket headlights—“pop ups”— a very modern addition for the time. These were constructed from fibreglass, as was the rear fascia and dash panel. Front suspension included traverse leaf springs below, with control arms above, and coil-sprung semi-trailing arms on the rear. According to a press release at the time, it was good for 47bhp at 6400rpm and 43lb ft of torque at 3600rpm. That might not sound like much, but the car weighed only 625kg so 100mph was just about possible. According to its accompanying Fiat Classiche ‘Certificato Di Origine’, this little Lombardi is listed as a 100GB Fiat 850 and dates from October 1970.There is also documentation which relates to the export of the car dated 08/05/ 2018 which fits nicely with the UK V5C which indicates that it was first UK-registered to renowned Maserati specialists, Bill McGrath Ltd, on 01/07/2018 before becoming the property of our vendor. From the file we can see that a set of number plates, FMW 627J, was ordered in August of 2018 but, from the file, it appears that the car wasn’t recommissioned by McGraths until October and November 2021.This work mainly involved consumables, engine mounts, bushes, wheel cylinders, water pump, wheel bearings, fluids, filters,belts, discs and pads etc. and invoices detailing this are in the file. The 13” cast-alloy Campagnolo wheels were refurbished and fitted with a set of new Cinturatos on 24/11/2021 and very few miles have been covered since. Known as ‘the little Miura’ in period, there are design cues in there from Monteverdi, Iso and Ferrari and it appears a little like a scaled-down ‘supercar’, apart from the fact that the term didn’t exist then. The car is in excellent overall condition and we encourage your inspection of this diminutive Lombardi. Should you be the lucky purchaser, we can provide a suitably sized carrier bag to take it home. In late 1967, talented designer, Giuseppe Rinaldi at Carrozzeria Francis Lombardi, was given the underpinnings from a Fiat 850 and a box of sharp pencils, and this diminutive GT was the delightful result. More Details Lot 613 Bid On Lot 613