The Ferrari and Porsche Sale 21st September 2019

Ferrari and Porsche Sale 2019 78 2.30pm The Porsche Sale Lot 403 Registration: M671 WEG Chassis Number: WP0ZZZ96ZSS815103 Engine Number: 42R02465/M44/43 Estimate: £24,000 - £28,000 • Highly revered as one of the best-handling Porsche models ever • Track-focused run-out model adopting the philosophy of ‘less is more’ • Striking in Grand Prix White with red decals - the definitive ‘special’ Porsche livery • Proper CS lightweight specification, with the addition of a sunroof • Subtle driver-focused enhancements including ‘Variant 3’ coil-over suspension & M030 anti-roll bars and bushes • Maintained by renowned marque specialists Long-term Porsche devotees will be all too familiar with the 968, introduced to the world back in 1991, and as it turned out, was to be the end of the line for Porsche’s enduring front-engined four-cylinder model line. The 968 was developed directly from the 944, which meant adopting its well-honed and well-proven running gear, whilst presenting a fresh design aesthetic that made it feel like a significantly new model. The standard 968 was a great all-round sports car, but as a last ‘hurrah’ to this enduring lineage Porsche wanted to create a car tailored more for the pure enthusiast and, in particular, one that would excel in competition. In late 1992, the 968 ‘Club Sport’ was introduced and, whilst it was mechanically identical to the standard 968 and shared the same 3.0-litre engine (producing 225lb-ft of torque and 240bhp) and 6-speed gearbox, it differed in a number of important ways. This track-focused run-out model adopted the philosophy of ‘less is more’ by removing all luxury-related equipment from the basic build specification. With the no-frills approach, less weight, and clever suspension, Porsche could now focus media attention on the Club Sport’s fast road and track abilities. As soon as the press got hold of the Club Sport and discovered what a brilliant drivers’ car it was, the credibility of the 968 went through the roof. Even Walter Röhrl reckoned it was the best handling car that Porsche made. The CS achieved a ‘Performance Car of The Year’ award in 1993 from Performance Car magazine in the UK. In total, just 1,923 CS examples were produced worldwide, of which only 179 were UK right-hand drive models, making the Club Sport a very rare Porsche indeed. The car presented here is a C16 (UK-delivered) right- hand drive 1994 Porsche 968 Club Sport. Its CS status is confirmed by its specification and chassis number and this striking example, in the much sought-after combination of Grand Prix White paintwork with red decals, was first registered on the 30th September 1994. This particular CS was ordered new with all the CS lightweight elements and an electric sunroof. Due to a move abroad, our fastidious car-enthusiast vendor is now selling what he has described as the ‘‘best handling car that I have ever driven on the road to date.’’ Prior to him buying the car, a previous owner upgraded it with a ‘Variant 3’ coil-over suspension system (adjustable Koni units at the rear) including rear torsion bar reset, M030 anti-roll bars and bushes and a ‘Big Red’ brake conversion on the front wheels, whilst the chassis was set up by ‘Centre Gravity’ for fast road/track day use. Having been maintained by EMC Motorsport (a 968 specialist) and PCT in Coventry, this car is in particularly fine fettle. Recent maintenance includes new timing belts and tensioners (11,000 miles ago), plus the balancer shaft seals were replaced, together with the tensioners, just 250 miles ago. The car has a fully stamped service history, verifying the indicated 98,000 miles. At the time of writing, our vendor has unfortunately misplaced the physical paperwork relating to the car, but sensibly photocopied the service history and some MOTs, which are provided on a memory stick. The 944, the 968 and even the 928 are seeing their values rise in the wake of the ‘911 explosion’ and front-engined Porsches are having the Renaissance they richly deserve. This is a simply super example of arguably the most coveted front-engined Porsche model and, competitively guided, opens the door into a very exclusive club. 1994 Porsche 968 Club Sport More Images Lot 403 Bid On Lot 403