The Ferrari and Porsche Sale 21st September 2019

Ferrari and Porsche Sale 2019 46 12.30pm A Sale of Ferraris Lot 316 Registration: FE12 TOY Chassis Number: ZFFEZ59C000162755 Engine Number: 138234 Estimate: £100,000 - £120,000 • The F430 was at least 70% new compared with the 360, with a new engine, a new F1 gearbox, a new diff and a brand-new chassis • The F430’s complex variable-valve-timing system is also lifted straight from the Enzo’s V12 and as ever there is dry-sump lubrication • Its 4.3-litre V8 will rocket this very sleek Ferrari from 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and on to a maximum speed in excess of 196 mph • Right-hand drive, UK-supplied/registered car with just 630 miles from new, delivered new via HR Owen London; the original owner had HR Owen store it until 2012 when it was first registered. FE12 TOY will remain with the car • Up-to-date main dealer service history (six stamps in total), last done at 592 miles on 21st January 2019 at HR Owen; Ferrari ‘Power’ warranty until 5th May 2020 Manufactured from 2004 until 2009, the Ferrari F430 was the successor to the very successful 360M and, according to its creators, was at least 70% new compared with the previous model, itself a ground-breaker. Its aluminium structure was more rigid than the 360’s, it had a new engine, a new F1 gearbox, a new differential, and a brand-new chassis, and although the styling is obviously reminiscent of the 360M’s, in reality, it’s pretty much a ground-up design. Largely the work of Pininfarina, although overseen by Ferrari’s design chief Frank Stephenson, the F430 still looks fresh today, more crisp-edged than the 360, with a strong hint of Enzo around the surface-erupting tail-lights. Its all-new 4.3-litre V8 engine, with four valves per cylinder instead of the 360’s five, and chain camshaft drive instead of belts, with a consequent great reduction in service costs, has a variable-valve-timing system lifted straight from the Enzo’s V12, dry-sump lubrication, a very high compression ratio (11.3:1), a variable airflow plenum chamber, and an enormous electronic brain making the decisions in the form of not one, but two, Bosch Motronic ME7 ECUs. At 483bhp it boasts 21% more power than the 360, exceeding even that of the mighty (and turbocharged) F40, whilst the torque spread is extraordinary for an engine keen to howl beyond 8500rpm. All these factors contribute to a 0-62mph time of just 3.7 seconds and a maximum speed in excess of 196mph. The advancements continued with the ‘Manettino’, the steering wheel-mounted selector for stability systems, damping, shift speed, and throttle response. And there’s the E-diff, whose calibrations this alters, a clever, clutch- controlled active differential that sorts out waywardness, not by inhibiting one rear wheel, but by pouring more torque into the other. Ferrari reckons it’s worth three seconds a lap at the Fiorano test track, and it certainly helps make the F430 a far more forgiving machine than the 360, and a car of supremely subtle and keen responses. Unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, the F430 Spider is the convertible version based on the Coupé and is Ferrari’s 21st road-going convertible. The car was designed by Pininfarina with the aid of aerodynamic simulation programs used by their Formula 1 team. The conversion from a closed top to an open-air convertible is a two-stage folding-action with the roof panel automatically folding away inside a space above the engine bay, the whole process only taking a few seconds and undoubtedly a masterpiece of micro- engineering. The interior and performance of the Spider are identical to that of the Coupé. The car presented here is a UK-supplied, right-hand drive, 2009 Ferrari F430 F1 Spider and has, quite remarkably, covered just 630 miles in total. Supplied new via HR Owen London, and due somewhat intriguingly to his circumstances, the original owner had the dealership professionally store the car until 2012, when it was first registered. Since 2009, this special car has a main dealer service history (six stamps in total), with the last service carried out at 592 miles on 21st January 2019 at HR Owen and it comes with a Ferrari ‘Power’ warranty until May 2020. Having benefited from full PPF and having covered so few miles, our vendor describes the bodywork as being ‘like new’. This condition is only matched by the striking colour combination of Bianco Avus paintwork and Rosso leather interior and impressive specification (full details available at our documents desk) which includes an enormous amount of lightweight and expensive carbon-fibre. This must be one of the lowest mileages ever seen on an F430, and certainly fits the criteria for ‘best-of-breed’. Cars of this quality and with such low mileage rarely come to market and this beautiful F430 F1 Spider represents an excellent opportunity. 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider F1 More Images Lot 316 Bid On Lot 316