The Ferrari and Porsche Sale 21st September 2019

Automobilia 2.30pm The Porsche Sale 105 + buyer’s premium of 15% including VAT @ 20% More Images Lot 429 Bid On Lot 429 LOT 429 Registration: TJI 2809 Chassis Number: 91A0131367 Engine Number: 18815500 Estimate: £30,000 - £40,000 1980 Porsche 911 SC • In 1978, Porsche introduced the new version of the 911, called the ‘911SC’. Porsche reintroduced the SC designation for the first time since the 356SC • The ‘SC’ stands for ‘Super Carrera’. It featured a 3.0-litre aluminium engine with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and a 5-speed 915 gearbox • This is a matching-numbers, fully restored, UK right- hand drive car, believed to have had just two owners in the last 24 years doing a total of only 10,000 miles in this time • This car has had a bare metal respray, the engine has had a top end rebuild whilst the bottom end was deemed to be sound; the gearbox has been refreshed at marque specialists ‘Historika’, along with the renewal of the brakes and front sub-frame In 1978, Porsche introduced the new version of the 911, called the ‘911 SC’ with the “SC” moniker standing for “Super Carrera”. According to Porsche Club GB, the 911 SC is a ‘landmark 911’ because it was the first Porsche model developed to appeal to a wider market than just the enthusiastic driver and is the 911 that launched the model’s reputation for excellent durability and build quality. Two factors above all else contributed to that reputation - the use from 1976 of a fully zinc-coated steel bodyshell and the adoption of a normally aspirated version of the Turbo’s more robust 3.0-litre aluminium engine. The earlier 2.7-litre unit had been recognised as being at the limit of its development and the new Type 930 engine reset the design parameters for the flat-6’s development potential. The move to an aluminium engine was to regain case reliability, something missing for many years with magnesium and, when combined with the well-proven Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and a 5-speed 915 gearbox, it developed into a very flexible, torquey powerplant. Originally power output was 180bhp, later 188bhp and then, by 1980, it was increased to 204bhp, good for 146 mph. The SC also introduced the brake servo, but this was still a physically demanding car and whilst the pedal had lost its previous wooden feel to be replaced with a softer touch, it still needed care to prevent front wheel lock-up. The car presented here is a 1980, UK-supplied, right-hand drive 911 SC Coupé and is understood to be a UK ‘Sport’ model (although this will require confirmation), the most sought-after variant with Fuchs alloys, front lip spoiler, ‘whale-tail’ rear spoiler, Bilstein sport shock absorbers and ‘sport’ seats. According to our vendor, the car has only had two owners in the last 24 years, covering a total of just 10,000 miles in this time. It has been on SORN for the last three years and done no more than 500 miles in the last five years, although it has been started and run up every month but not driven. The car has benefited from a bare metal respray, whilst the engine has had a top end rebuild and the gearbox was refreshed at Porsche specialists ‘Historika’, along with the renewal of the brakes and front subframe. The recent recommissioning work included the fitting of a Porsche ‘short- shifter’, a new clutch, new discs, calipers and pads all round, all new Bilstein suspension, a refurbished front subframe, reconditioned steering rack, refurbished air conditioning and refurbished alloy wheels with new Bridgestone S02 tyres. Often at a tempting guide price, the 911 SC model has been somewhat of a ‘sleeper’ but is tipped by many to gain the recognition it deserves.